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Requesting a free no obligation stairlift quote or INFO packs is 100% safe and secure when you use Stairlift

Stop Identity Theft
All information you input and send via our mail forms is secure and 128-bit encrypted to protect your personal data from falling into the wrong hands! All information sent over the Internet is at risk of being intercepted by third parties who could steal your information and use it for a number of reasons

Identity Theft being the most serious risk. We highly recommend that you do not fill out any type of form unless the website provides SSL Secure Socket Layer. If they don't then its obvious they are not a professional organisation / company and have little or no concern about safe guarding your privacy

How can you tell if a website provides SSL Secure Socket Layer for their mail forms! Easy just look for the small Padlock normally located at the bottom right of the page for (IE) "Internet Explorer" users and displayed at the top of the page for "Firefox" users

When you click on our Contact Button you will be redirected to a SSL 128-Bit Secure Server


Before you request a stairlift free no obligation quote ensure the website provide SSL Secure Socket Layer
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