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Stairlift Drive Systems
All modern stairlifts now use the Rack & Pinion drive system. Over the years there were many different ways and approaches to drive / move the stairlift carriage up and down the track. From wire rope winch drums to chain driven mechanisms. All are now obsolete apart from the Rack & Pinion See fig4A

The hardened steel rack is bolted to the aluminum cast track. 98% of stairlift manufactures use Aluminum in their track designs. The stairlift motor connected to the stairlift gearbox (Pinion) drives the pinion along the rack/track. Rack & Pinion drives produce a very smooth stairlift ride, hence all stairlift manufactures adopting the Rack & Pinion drive system in their stairlift designs and production

Stairlift Tracks
Most people think the aluminum stairlift track is bolted / fixed to the wall? No all stairlift tracks including curved stairlifts are fixed to the staircase treads. At this point i think it might be a good idea to mention! If your thinking of having a stairlift installed you might want to think about renewing your staircase carpet?

Removing stairlifts for new carpet?
During my many years as a stairlift engineer one of the most common questions asked! How do i go about getting my staircase carpet renewed. Oh' Boy... Not an easy task once the stairlift is fitted. Removing a stairlift for carpet renewal is very expensive! Two engineers to arrive and disconnect all the wiring and remove the carriage from the track, unbolt the track from the stairs and dismantle and store

Return the same day after the carpet fitter has finished renewing the stairs carpet and refit the stairlift and all wiring connections etc. Well add on an extra £300.00 minimum for a straight stairlift and a lot more if you have a curved stairlift. If you can find a good carpet fitter who is willing to spend the time to cut the carpet around each leg / support, then it would be well worth paying him extra to do so. Not many carpet fitters will do this. Main point! Now might be a good time to renew your staircase carpet before the installation of your new stairlift

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