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There is a huge range of UK stairlifts to choose from! The 8 main players in the UK are: Acorn Stairlifts, Brooks Stairlifts, Bison bede stairlifts, FreeLift stairlifts, Liftable stairlifts, Minivator Stairlifts, Stannah stairlifts, ThyssenKrupp stairlifts. All produce and manufacturer straight and curved stairlifts

The Best and cheapest stairlifts
All the above stairlift companies produce and install D.C. Battery stairlifts. This page is for information only! No claims to who produces manufactures the best or cheapest stairlifts.The list is in alphabetical order so once again the top does not mean they are the best. All photos displayed are for visually acquiring a feeling of looks and design by each stairlift manufacturer. Depending on the date you are reading this article some models may no longer be produced or have been superceded by other stairlift models

Acorn Stairlifts
Acorn stairlifts produce and install straight and curved stairlifts worldwide. They also claim to supply more customers direct, throughout the world than the rest of the entire stairlift industry combined. Without doubt they have a huge UK market and are one of the leading UK stairlift suppliers offering great value for money

D.C. Battery Acorn 80 Curved Stairlift

Acorn Super Glide Straight Stairlift


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