Stairlift Buyers Guide

Stairlifts Stair lifts Buyers Guide
All you need to know about buying stairlifts

Stairlifts Stair lifts Buyers Guide
Hopefully we can give you a better understanding and insight to buying stairlifts? Not an easy task to do when the explanation is in text form! There can be many different answers and solutions for each question and requirements etc.

If you're looking for Quick fire FAQ (Facts Answers Questions) Then check out the top 20 most common stairlift questions in our Quick Stairlift Guide. We highly recommend you read our In-depth stairlifts buyers guide as this covers a wider spectrum of Questions & Answers

Buying Stairlifts Chairlifts
The most important question you should ask yourself? Is a stairlift (Chairlift) the right option to solve my access problem solutions. (Think Long term) A stairlift may well solve the problem now. What about the long term situation. Will the stairlift user still be in good enough health months, years later to be able to use the stairlift safely. Stairlifts can be expensive especially if you need a curved stairlift. We will talk about different types and prices of stairlifts later on in this guide

Shop Around stairlift quotes (Stairlift Price Comparison)
If you decide buying renting a stairlift is the right option for you, then shop around! Find an independent stairlift comparison supplier who can arrange for 3 or more stairlift companies to give you a free no obligation stairlift quote. I would say that though wouldn't I? Since I'm the owner Managing Director of Stairlift Stairlifts price comparison database which can provide such a free service.

No Sales Pitch! Beware of Internet Marketing Companies
Well its not a sales pitch! Its a (Fact) by shopping around you could save yourself a few hundred pounds or even thousands if buying a curved stairlift

Price Comparison Websites
There are many online stairlift suppliers agencies that claim they can provide you with a similar service to ours. Be warned a lot of these comparison websites are Marketing Websites! They have never worked in the Stairlift industry and good chance never even seen a Stairlift in real life.

30 Years Experience in the Stairlift Industry
I have worked in the Lift Stairlift Industry for over 30 years in-house trained by all the leading UK Stairlift companies. Accredited certification from LEIA (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) and NALM (National Association of Lift Makers) I also studied at Northhampton University and completed the final modual12 (Electronics Lift Control and Systems)

Bottom Line! No need to use anyone's services if you have the time to go through the tons of stairlift companies suppliers and sift out the bad from the good, assuming you are not bamboozled with jargon floss & fluff etc. (Glad we got that bit out of the way)

Stairlift Grants
Before we delve into the inner gubbins I guess the number 1 question most people want to know the answer to? "Are Stairlift Grants Available". Simple answer is YES The bad news it can be a very time consuming process and average waiting times range from 12-18 months and each applicant is means tested over the age of 16

This topic alone could take up 3 pages of this guide so if you think you are eligible for a stairlift grant and waiting times are not a factor then click the link >> Stairlift Grants >>>

Let's Get Down to Business

Straight or Curved stairlifts
Obviously we need to find out what type of stairlift you need? This depends on your staircase! If you have a straight staircase with no halve landings or curves then your home and dry! You have a huge choice of Makes Models Companies to choose from and options of Buying New, Reconditioned, Renting. Each option will be discussed in this guide

Staircase design indicates what type of stairlift you require? Straight or curved

Curved Stairlifts
If your staircase has a half landing and curves then your options are more limited and I'm afraid to say a lot more expensive. Curved stairlifts are made to measure and a full site survey would be required before any quote could be given. Also there will be a 3-5 week waiting period for your stairlift rail to be made and installed. As a ballpark figure £3000-5000 is a figure to keep in mind

Don't despair a good stairlift supplier might be able to offer an alternative solution to fitting
a curved stairlift! Fitting two straight stairlifts could solve the problem and even with the installation of two stairlifts the price can still be considerably lower than purchasing a brand new curved stairlift

"That's why we highly recommend you get at least three independent stairlift quotes! Each stairlift supplier could offer you a different alternative and price. It really does pay to shop around when buying stairlifts"

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