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How much do stairlifts cost

How much do stairlifts cost / Prices
Stairlift prices vary so it does pay to shop around. For new straight stairlifts with no frills or additional extras such as powered hinge rails or platforms prices start at around £1200-2500 this is a ballpark figure to give you an idea of what to expect and a full free site survey will be required to ascertain the correct price for your stairlift and installation

Curved stairlift prices
Curved stairlifts are very expensive! Each stairlift is made to measure and a full site survey free no obligation stairlift quote will be required. As a ballpark figure curved stairlift prices range around £1999-4999 would be a good price figure to keep in mind

We supply New Reconditioned curved stairlifts UK Nationwide cover

Reconditioned Stairlift Prices
Prices for reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts should be a lot less than the price you would pay for a new stairlift and depending on your needs? Without any additional extras such as powered hinge rails you would be looking at half the price of a new stairlift.

Stairlift Rental Prices
Renting a stairlift can cut the prices down and eliminate the high cost of buying a stairlift outright. Straight stairlift rentals are easy to obtain from most UK stairlift suppliers. Curved stairlift rentals are very hard to find! Bespoke design custom made rail for each staircase. Due to the large expense of manufacturing a curved stairlift rail to fit each individual staircase we are not aware of any UK company offering curved stairlift rentals

Rent Stairlifts stairlift rental plans

Stairlift rental packages can vary in price? Normally a stairlift supplier will require a small down payment for the installation of the stairlift, followed by monthly payments for the stairlift rental. prices range around the £10 -15.00 per week (ballpark figure) for a straight stairlift rental plan

Stairlift maintenance prices
Should you take out the optional service maintenance plan most stairlift suppliers offer once your guarantee has elapsed? If you are not covered by a Maintenance / Repair Cover Plan? Repair bills can be both inconvenient and costly

Replacing broken or worn parts on your stairlift can often exceed the cost of a Service Maintenance Contract and there is no guarantee that a stairlift company will offer to send an engineer to someone who is not on their books so to speak. Annual maintenance contracts start at around £250-500 The lower price packages will only give you basic cover and chances are you will need to pay for the engineers call-out, parts and labour costs

Most stairlift companies offer a range of maintenance packages rated by stars or colours! Obviously the more stars or metallic of colour the higher the price but more benefits and cover you receive. I personally would recommend that you take some type of stairlift insurance cover out on your stairlift unless you have very deep pockets

I hope this small stairlift guide has given you a better insight into buying new or reconditioned stairlifts. We offer a 100% Free stairlift comparison service and can find local reputable stairlift suppliers installers for your area. All offer New, Reconditioned, Rental stairlifts. So why not give us a try? Buying stairlifts has never been simpler

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