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We understand buying a new stairlift can be a daunting task? Lets face it there are so many different types of stairlifts and stairlift suppliers, manufactures, companies all claiming to produce the best stairlifts on the UK market etc.

Renting a Stairlift (Stairlift Rentals)
If the initial cost of buying a new or reconditioned stairlift is beyond your means? No problem we can put you in touch with stairlift suppliers companies that supply stairlift rental plans to suite your budget

Stairlift Price comparison
Compare stairlift prices! Find the best price and deals on all makes of UK stairlifts. Straight and curved our stairlift price comparison database lists the most common stairlift manufacturers and installers! Reputable names you can trust! Stannah, Acorn, Bison, Minivator etc.

UK Stairlift Prices
Stairlift prices vary so it does pay to shop around. For new straight stairlifts with no frills or additional extras such as powered hinge rails or platforms prices start at around £1200-2500 this is a ballpark figure

Free Home Stairlift Survey
We can arrange free home site surveys allowing you to explain your specific needs and requirements in the comfort of your own home.
More importantly our trained qualified stairlift surveyors can pin point any special adaptations to ensure you get the right stairlift for your home and specific needs

Reconditioned curved stairlifts
Shop around when buying curved stairlifts! Curved stairlifts are expensive! £3000-5000 pounds per installation. Buying reconditioned stairlifts can cut your costs in half

Stairlifts Manufacturers Companies
There is a huge range of UK stairlifts to choose from! The 8 main players in the UK are: Acorn Stairlifts, Brooks Stairlifts, Bison bede stairlifts, FreeLift stairlifts, Liftable stairlifts, Minivator Stairlifts, Stannah stairlifts, ThyssenKrupp stairlifts. All produce and manufacturer straight and curved stairlifts

Stairlift News
This is where we let you know about stairlift news! New products Promotions & Sales anything that might be of interest to people buying stairlifts, stairlift owners, stairlift industry, trade etc.

Stairlift Buyers Guide
Stairlift buyers guide offering free independent advice and guidance on buying New and Reconditioned stairlifts. Be ready and armed with a list of questions when the stairlift surveyor arrives to give you a free no obligation stairlift quote

Stairlift Links (UK Suppliers Installers)
Find local UK stairlift suppliers installers. Trade Links with Stairlift we are always looking for stairlift suppliers and installers or any related stairlift manufacturers companies

Choose Stairlift Locator (Looking at buying a stairlift)
Stairlift Database will find locate local UK stairlift suppliers of all makes and models of stairlifts! Stannah, Acorn, Minivator, Bison bede just to name a few. No matter what your stairlift needs and requirements we can find a solution to your problem (Fast)

Stairlift Suppliers installers partners (Trade)
Stairlift Locator is always looking for reliable trustworthy UK stairlift suppliers installers! Big or Small. Become part of the biggest UK stairlift database.

Buying Stairlifts Chair lifts Online
Identity Theft being the most serious risk. We highly recommend that you do not fill out any type of form unless the stairlift website provides SSL Secure Socket Layer. If they don't then its obvious they are not a professional organisation / company and have little or no concern about safe guarding your privacy. (We use Secure stairlift online shopping order forms)

Shop Around for free no obligation stairlift quotes

Buying a stairlift isn't like shopping for a holiday? Where does one start??? So many different types, manufactures, installers etc.. What's the best make model, What type do i need? Straight or Curved stairlifts.... Its an endless list of questions and a daunting task for most people trying to buy their first stairlift

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Shop Around stairlift quotes (Stairlift Price Comparison)
If you decide buying renting a stairlift is the right option for you, then shop around! Find an independent stairlift supplier who can arrange for three or more stairlift companies to give you a free no obligation stairlift quotes

Types of stairlifts? AC Electric DC Battery
Until 5 years ago stairlifts were promently AC Electric stairlifts! All required some type of electric trailing cable to supply the power (electric) to drive the machine up and down the stairs. Each stairlift company devised their own elaborate moving mechanism to deal with the high voltage trailing cable (flex)

Stairlift Safety Features
In a nutshell any stairlift manufacturer installer in the UK has to conform to the BS5776 standard. Obviously some stairlift manufactures use this as an extra sales pitch? Our stairlifts incorporate an OSG Safety Gear Mechanism? Our stairlifts have safety edges on the carriage and footplate bla bla bla...

Stairlift Drive Systems
All modern stairlifts now use the Rack & Pinion drive system. Over the years there were many different ways and approaches to drive / move the stairlift carriage up and down the track. From wire rope winch drums to chain driven mechanisms. All are now obsolete apart from the Rack & Pinion

Stairlifts Chairlifts FAQ
Looking for quick fire stairlift Questions & Answers? Check out the top 20 most common stairlift questions. Quick short to the point advice help and guidance to buying Stairlifts

Stairlifts Perch Standing Stair lifts
No matter what your disability we ensure the stairlift (Chairlift) supplier can customise adapt your stairlift for any specific needs and requirements you may have. Perch standing stairlifts are ideal for people who can't sit or bend their knees

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UK Stairlift database for suppliers and installers of stairlifts