Free stairlift survey and quotes

Free stairlift Survey Quotes

Free Home Stairlift Survey
We can arrange free home site surveys allowing you to explain your specific needs and requirements in the comfort of your own home

More importantly our trained qualified stairlift surveyors can pin point any special adaptations to ensure you get the right stairlift for your home and specific needs

Trained stairlift surveyors
Our trained surveyors will carry out a full inspection of your home and staircase identifying any problems and solutions to ensure you get the right stairlift and additional equipment to ensure the stairlift is 100% compatible with your staircase and layout of your home

Finding the right stairlift
Chances are there will be many variables restricting what type of stairlifts will best suit you and your home. Depending on your staircase and layout you may need additional aids such as Power platforms, Power Hinge rails, Perch standing stairlift etc.

Stairlift Survey (Comfort of your own home)
Our Surveyors will sit down and explain in great length what each additional feature does if you require them. You can be assured that all surveyors will have your own interests at heart and the main priority will be the safe usage for the stairlift user

You will be given a written 60 day quote allowing you ample time to consider all the options available and time to evaluate all manufactures and models

Buying Stairlifts Has Never Been Simpler

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